We not only provide patients with treatment but also help them to purchase medicines.

Medicines for Patients

How We Address the Israeli Health Basket

Every year the media talks about the Health Basket, and people do not always understand exactly what this means and how this basket can affect us. Every year, the State of Israel determines which medicines will be provided in the Basket and which will need to be paid for. This means that for certain courses of treatment, there is no insurance coverage and someone has to pay for the cost of these drugs. Sometimes these drugs are at the testing stage, sometimes they are very expensive.

In most cases, patients are not able to pay the cost of medicines on their own, so they turn to us for help. We try to respond to all requests and, with the help of members of the organization, volunteers, and pharmaceutical companies, we can help in this matter.

We cooperate with social workers in the following clinics:

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Other Projects and Activities

High-quality medical care in the Ukraine under the patronage of Israeli doctors with the possibility of financing treatment.
We acquire medical equipment that helps patients to be treated and undergo rehabilitation in the most convenient and easy way.
Charitable Foundation for helping children with cancer and other serious diseases in Israel.
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