We created a psychological rehabilitation course that provides assistance to overcome different stressful situations.

Psychological Assistance

About the Project

The process of developing the course was guided by Israel’s extensive experience in rehabilitation of people with post-traumatic stress disorders, including those after military operations.

Effective psychological support for those who face the consequences of war on a daily basis – both military and civilian – is a key to minimizing stress and teaching the mind to deal with difficult situations. The course is conducted in-person in Israel.

Brief Program:

Stage I: acclimatization, acquaintance and introduction
● Stage II: the first block – investigation of trauma and trauma-related situations, training in anti-stress techniques, development of positive thinking models
● Stage III: the second block – intensive psychotherapeutic support.

The method of psychological rehabilitation includes both classic and original psychotherapeutic approaches, in particular rehabilitation in nature, elements of outdoor training, storytelling and etc.

We cooperate with social workers in the following clinics:

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